AR Brown Co., LTD

AR is the British roots of our company. BROWN made a significant contribution to the modernization of Japan at the request of the Meiji government. Our company is proud of his achievement and I think with, to inherit the spirit is poured into a vigorous challenge of his new value creation.

Management Guidelines

  • [M]anagement – Management of companies with high quality sound and
  • [R]elation – Best partnership of mutual trust and mutual benefit ー foster high trust 
  • [S]pirit – A challenge from a global perspective
  • [T]alent & Products – High-value-added products and services produce professional

    AR Brown Co., Ltd – Primary Market: Japan

    Deputy General Manager Akira Ito

    Akiko Moroyose

    Daini Marutaka Bldg., 13-8,
    Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

    TEL (+81)3-3545-5802
    FAX (+81)3-3543-8865