DVC8-4 Shock

Digital Classical Shock Controller Specifications


  • PLOTS AVAILABLE: Predicted performance; equalized system response; drive waveform to amplifier; equalized shock response spectrum.

Download: DVC-4/8 Classical Shock Controller Owners Manual


  • ABORT/ALARM LIMITS: User sortable from 1 to 99dB
  • OVERALL LIMITS: Overall D,V,A and drive limits settable by user.
  • CONTROL SIGNAL LOSS: Open loop detector check.
  • PRETEST LIMITS: Settable by user.
  • EQUALIZATION: Low level equalization of system.
  • MANUAL ABORT: From keyboard or mouse.


Any of the following plots can be viewed or printed out in color or black and while on any Windows compatible printer.

  • CONTROL CHANNEL: Control profile and predicted velocity and displacement, response displacement, velocity acceleration, drive, waveform; shock response spectrum.


  • COMPUTER: 486D X 33 or better with VGA display, 8mb ram, hard disk and Windows 3.1 minimum, Pentium With 16mb ram and Windows 95 recommended.
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: Powered by computer buss, <10W total.
  • SIZE: Standard AT 3/4 size PC card (11″ x 4.5″).
  • EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS: Via DB-25 connector to junction box.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The CSC- I will perform all of the ‘classical’ shock tests as defined in MIL-STD-810 and is equally useful for environmental qual testing or production test screening. Automatic calculation of pre- and post-pulse compensation assures the maximum performance from your test system. Test setups are done in a setup screen using English or Metric units and results are plotted in a plot screen. It is available on a dual-function Random / Classical Shock Control Card. The software generates the required pulse, and the waveform generator drives the shaker system to produce the desired shock pulse.


  • INPUT CHANNEL: One control channel.
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY: Settable from 8 to 1000 mv/g. 20 vp-p max input.
  • CURRENT SOURCE: Switchable 4 ma, 18 vdc compliance.


  • OUTPUT SIGNAL: Filtered analog drive waveform.
  • DRIVE LEVEL: 16v peak-to-peak maximum.
  • DRIVE LIMITING: User settable from 0 to 16 vp-p.
  • DYNAMIC RANGE: >60 dB.


  • WAVEFORMS: Half-sine, triangle trapezoidal, terminal or initial peak sawtooth, quarter-sine, parabolic-cusp.
  • PULSE DURATION: 1 to 100 Msec.
  • PULSE PROFILES: Profiles may be saved and recalled from disks.
  • MODE: Single pulse or repetitive pulses.
  • TEST LEVEL: 0.5 to 200 g-peak.
  • CONTROL ACCURACY: +/- 1dB typ.
  • SAMPLING FREQUENCY. 1.28 KHz 10.24 KHz.
  • EQUALIZATION TIME: <5 sec. for low level equalization 1 system transfer function.


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