Custom Fixtures

Custom Fixtures


Shown on BW-MST-E5000

The shock and vibration fixture model BW-SV-3X3X3 is designed to accept up to 24 each of the TO-3 packages on each of the 6 axes and mount to the vibration shaker model BW-100C and Shock Tester model BW-E5000. The fixture is made of white derlin and measures 3”x3”x3”and weighs approximately 13 ounces. The fixture includes a white derlin cube with a 2 ¼” bolt circle and 4 10-32 x 3” cap screws. The 10-32 to 8-32 threaded stand-off is used for an accelerometer mounting point on all six axes.


The fixture has four 6-32 x .5” threaded posts on each side. The packages can be loaded into one or more sides of the fixture and secured with 6-32x ¼” nuts. The fixture and sides can then be mounted to either the Shocker or Shaker using four each 10-32×3” cap screws through the .201” thru holes on each side of the cube on a 2 ¼” bolt circle.


Shock or Vibration may be applied after securely mounting the fixture and devices to the Shocker or Shaker with the control accelerometer measuring in the axis of shock or vibration. Any visual evidence of damage sustained to the device from the shock or vibration, or failure of specified measurements should be considered device failure. No evidence of damage and successful completion of specified measurements indicate the device is able to survive the delivered stimulus.

Download PDF: BW-SV6-3X3X3

The 6ea. sides can be replaced to accommodate different package styles.

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